The Colorado River and the West 

The Colorado River watershead binds and defines the West. Every community in the Colorado River watershed, whether in different states, countries, or bio-regions, shares the river. While all watershed communities are dependent on the river, they are not all aware of their historical connections and current dependence and inter-reliance. This project addresses three themes:

-the geological, historical, environmental and technological forces that shape the realities of western water;

-the history of that determines the rights to river water;

-the literary arts and rites inspired by the dynamic connections and attachments that people feel for and express about the river. 

A consortium of humanities councils in seven western states - Arizona California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming have developed multi-format programs in 22 communities along the Colorado River. Partners include historical societies, public libraries, universities, and community colleges. Project components include radio programming, traveling exhibit, lectures, book and reading discussions, development of community self-portraits, a web site, and proposed university press publication.