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Sage Handbook of Visual Research Methods

Sage Handbook of Visual Research Methods

© 2011 Sage Publishing

"Disclosing Historic Photographs" with Eric Margolis - Chapter

"Copyright and Other Rights in Photographic Images" - Chapter



Early Maricopa County 1871 - 1920

Jeremy Rowe © 2011 Arcadia Press

Softbound signed by author $20
Postage $4.50


Arizona Real Photo Postcards, a History & Portfolio

Jeremy Rowe © 2007 Carl Mautz Publishing

Softbound $35
Hardback signed by author $45
Postage $4.50


Photographers in Arizona 1850 - 1920: a History and Directory

Jeremy Rowe © 1998 Carl Mautz Publishing

Hardback signed by author - $35 plus postage
Limited Collectors Edition with slipcase and tipped in cyanotype - $250 plus postage
Postage $4.50


Photographers : A Sourcebook for Historical Research

Peter Palmquist, editor in chief © 2000 Carl Mautz Publishing

Cloth - $65, Paper - $40
Great overview of issues and concerns that all photographic researchers need to know. Includes a chapter on legal issues pertaining to researching and reproducing photographs from collections by Jeremy Rowe. 

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