Territorial Arizona in 3D

Jeremy Rowe Vintage Photography

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Territorial Arizona in 3D: A Survey in Stereo Photographs

Approximately 120 vintage Arizona stereographs ca 1870 - 1920 with cameras, viewers and ephemera from the collections of Jeremy Rowe, Arizona State Museum, and Sharlot Hall Museum. Images were presented and viewers provided to permit stereo viewing of the images. 12 enlarged images from stereographs were also presented. Photographers included E. Baer, E. Beaman, R. Bonine, C, Farciot, D. P. Flanders. C.S. Fly, J. Hillers, D. F. Mitchell, T. O'Sullivan, G. Rothrock, and C. Watkins, Publishers included Continent, Keystone, Underwood, and White. Venues - Mesa Southwest Museum and Sharlot Hall Museum.