This is a work in progress to compile as comprehensive as possible a listing numbers and titles of individual G. L. Rose stereographs of Arizona. Each listing will include a brief biographical overview, in addition to the checklist of stereoviews complied to date.

G. L. Rose was a photographer, photofinisher and publisher located at 33 W. Colorado Boulevard in Pasadena, California. He produced stereographs of Southern California and the Grand Canyon, c. 1900–1910. 

(from Arizona Stereographs 1865-1930 by Jeremy Rowe, 2014)

If you have additional information about photographer G. L. Rose, examples of stereographs that are not on this list, or variant titles for any of the numbers or captions I would appreciate hearing from you. Ideally, I would like to obtain either a Xerox copy or scan for my files as well.
Thanks in advance for your time and assistance.

Please feel free to use this information but please credit this source and reproduce only with full credit information.
Thank you.

Jeremy Rowe

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321. Lime Stone Cave, Mooney Falls, Cataract Canyon

331. Mooney Falls, Cataract Canyon

328. Bridal Veil Falls, Cataract Canyon

329. Mooney Falls

368. Indian Cliff Dwelling, Walnut Creek, near Flagstaff

383. West from Mystic Springs, Grand Canyon near Ah Fork

390. Permian Boulder, Grand Canyon near Ruins of Paradise

390. (alt) Ladder Down to Mooney Falls

390. (alt)Indian Cliff Dwellings near Flagstaff, Walnut Canyon near Ruins of Paradise

395. Permian Walls near Casa Diablo, 1300 ft. high, Grand Canyon of the Colorado, Ash Fork, A & PRR

396. Men out on Rock

900. Grand Canyon

902. Grand Canyon

906. Grand Canyon

911. Marble Cliffs, Grand Canyon

918. Paradise Park, 1300 ft. below upper wall, Grand Canyon near Ruins of Paradise, Ash Fork, A & PRR

919. Grand Canyon

938. Harvey Hotel, Ask Fork

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